León Arena

León Arena bullring

León Arena

León bullring. shot.

Heated and covered.

First floor:

  • Grandstand
  • Box seat
  • Balconcillos

Low floor-Tendidos:

  • Tendidos row 1-18
  • First row of Tendido
  • Contrabarrera
  • Barrera

Bullring history. León Arena.

leon bullring

In order to be used in all seasons of the year, it has been transformed into a multipurpose space, known as "León Arena". It has 2000 m2 of surface and 10,000 locations for the development of all kinds of activities, music, theater, fairs, sports and bullfighting events (which are the main protagonists of the festival of San Juan and San Pedro).

The bullfighting tradition of León comes from afar, but Bullring of León was not inaugurated until 1948, with bulls by Felipe Bartolomé for Luís Miguel Dominguín, Paquito Muñoz and Pepín Martín Vázquez all of them bullfighters.

In 1994, the recently deceased takes over the management of the Bullring (12/30/2016) "Gustavo Postigo" who became the soul of this bullring, managed to recover the bullring and give it the importance it has today. He made a strong remodeling that ended up coinciding with the celebrations of San Juan and San Pablo that year.

With the construction of the mobile glass dome in 2002 León Arena consolidates itself as the city's neuralgic center.

... "Paseo Papalaguinda: Papalaguinda! Curious name and difficult meaning! It was the place where the youth of Leon was dedicated to graze the icing, come on ... what today we call linking" ...

Bullring details

  • Location: Paseo Papalaguinda s/n. 24005 León.
  • Capacity: 10.000
  • Category: Second

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